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SFI Swedish for immigrants

Education in Swedish for Immigrants (Sfi) is a basic education in the Swedish language. It is suited for adults who do not have Swedish as their mother language. As an immigrant to Sweden you have a right to education in the Swedish language.


We offer a course in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) at Komvux Lund, Komvux Burlöv or Komvux Kävlinge.

How do I apply?

For registration and questions contact the careers officer Matilda Loth, phone 0733-41 13 41. The registration form must be submitted to the municipality: Lärcentrum, Lomma kommun, 234 81 Lomma. Visiting adress: Vinstorpsvägen 6, Lomma, door F.


Matilda Loth

Studie- och yrkesvägledare - Karstorpskolan och Lärcentrum

0733-41 13 41

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